One-Stop-Shop – Being 2 decades in business we’ve built up strategic relationships with all the major manufacturers and distributors in the audiovisual, video conferencing, and CCTV industry meaning we can source virtually any product for typical applications.

Competitive Pricing – as one of the major suppliers of audiovisual, video conferencing, and CCTV equipment in the region we have developed techno-economic efficiency in purchasing to offering competitive pricing across the entire range.

Suitable Products – Our staff being industry trained gives us the competent experience to ensure we supply suitable product for your requirements.

Independent Specifications – As we can virtually supply most of the brands products we are able to offer an unbiased opinion of which is the most suited one for your application.

Fully Supported – not only do we offer products that are appropriate to their application and usage, we also provide full and unlimited free technical support to all our customers.

  • Professional A/V Systems
  • Professional Audio Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Video & Audio Conferencing Systems
  • Video Wall System
  • Digital Signage
  • Projection System
  • Flat Screen Displays
  • Interactive Products
  • CCTV/Security Systems
  • Spares and accessories


SSS provides all professional audio products not limited to Speakers, Microphones, Processors, Amplifiers, Mixers, Splitters, recording devices, audio sources and tuners from all the top name manufacturers.

Audio System Design

From concept to completion effective & frequent coordination with all concerned to conclude mutual agreement to achieve system functioning to meeting the site requirements. Most challenging & interesting part of Audio System design is the sound pressure level calculations & acoustics which plays vital role for producing crisp clear sound even in most complex floor plans.


Expert Advice – SSS has expertise in identifying/specifying right projector for various applications. In depth knowledge of specifications parameters such as Luminance/correct brightness for the ambient room conditions and audience size, resolution, contrast ratios, wireless, net working, throw distances and key stoning which plays key role for ultimate product selection.

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Quality Products – we work closely with number of leading manufacturers to be able to broaden the selection of range of projectors for various applications. Selection of these suppliers is done on the basis of product reliability, compliance to published specification and for their comprehensive warranties.

Technical Support – we have been involved in supplying projectors since the early ear of three gun projectors and have consequently developed considerable expertise. We are dealing leading brands such as Epson, Sanyo, Panasonic, View Sonic, Infocus and Christie and provide free-of-charge technical support for all our customers.

Flat Screen Displays

Expert Advicewhat resolution do I need for my application? Should I go for LCD or LED? Does this model support HD TV? All of these considerations make a big difference to which flat screen display should be opted. We know the answers to these questions and would be delighted to act as catalyst for your decision.

Unlimited Free Technical Support – all SSS customers are automatically entitled to free, unlimited technical support by telephone, e-mail.

We use only approved equipments and systems such as:

Other famous brands included:

  • AMX, Extron, Elmo, DIS, Draper, tvONE, .
  • Lifesize, C2G, Liberty, DTEN, Viz-art, Konftel.
  • Toa, Bose, audio Technica, QSC, JBL, Listen, Crown, Australian Monitor.
  • Cloud, Mackie, Denon, Soundcraft, Thomsun, Vivitek, biamp, Spectrum.
  • Shure, Sennheiser. Yamama, ad notam.
  • Panasonic, Moswell, Siqura, Genie, Video Tec, MC, EverFocus, AVTech.
  • Tokina, Tamron, Spacecom.
  • Sanyo, Sharp, LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips, Christie.
  • Canare, Optelecom-NKF.
  • Legrand, Road Ready.
  • Martin, Zero 88, Lutron.
  • Satel Access Control.
  • And many more….

Integrated Control System

In most presentation environments to smoothly operate & control system peripherals like projector & its screen, plasma panels, video, DVD Player/Recorder, amplifier, speakers volume, video conferencing, lighting, air conditioning and Laptops/PC would have been an uphill & complicated task using individual remote controls. The innovative solution is to incorporate an integrated control system.

At the more sophisticated level it is possible to program system peripherals mentioned here above to drive all their functionalities by a way of combination events. For example a button when pushed; switches on the DVD, automatically, dims the lights, turns on the audio system and draws the curtains. At entry level we provide a simple push button solution that enables all the major equipment to be controlled from a single panel. SSS carries a range of control systems from AMX, Crestron, Extron and Procon.

In-house Programmerswe are unique as Middle East systems integrator in employing our own programming staff fully trained on AMX, Crestron, Extron and Procon control systems.

Video & Audio Conferencing:

Employing Video Audio Conferencing System into business activity yields into enormous benefits such as

  • Cost-Efficient /timely meetings/decision making between intergroup/ different companies decision-makers located in different cities, countries & continents.
  • Video conferencing gives teachers and students the ability to share documents and files in real time. Connect participants, Social distancing, and distance learning, can lead to feelings of isolation.
  • Reduced risk of injuries/deaths by reduction in travelling in any form.

System Product Selection Considering its application reliable product of reputed manufacturer is of vital importance to get efficient service support. SSS has selected & strongly recommend for use of Logitech, ClearOne, PureLink and Vaddio conferencing solutions which are fully supported by these manufacturers on a worldwide basis.

System Integrator Selection – Video conferencing systems vary enormously depending type of application, for example single point to point, the number of different locations that need to be connected and the desired quality of image. Hence almost every system is unique for which to careful interaction & analysis to conclude your requirements is essential. We have state-of -the-art demonstration facilities at our premises in Reading.

Interactive Products – There is a fast developing range of interactive products available to enhance; learning, brainstorming, audience feedback and participation throughout the public and private sectors

Interactive Whiteboards – the last five years have seen massive investment by Education Industry, Public & Private corporate. It is estimated that there are more than 250,000 classrooms in the UK alone with interactive whiteboards/projectors. There have also been significant developments in software to run on the boards including extensive content from the National Curriculum. SSS carry all the main brands including 3M, Promethean, and Polyvision.

Panels, Tablets and Overlays – As the popularity of whiteboards has increased so other complimentary products have come to market. Interactive overlays have been developed to work with plasma, interactive panels enable auditorium size images to be driven interactively and interactive tablets enable the board to be driven remotely.

Thunder – this ground breaking interactive tool from Polyvision enables organisations to experience an entirely new dimension of collaboration for groups and teams in which any data and information, in any format, can be communicated, stored, displayed, and organized – all captured on an unlimited, shared group canvas in real time. SSS can provide such solution to customers.

Digital Signage – Digital signage or digital messaging is a term used to describe the display of up-to-the-minute information on electronic devices such as LED screens, LCD panels, and projectors. Information can be common or unique among any number of display devices and information from multiple sources can be displayed simultaneously.

Digital signage can be used wherever there is a need to communicate to individuals or large groups of people.  Wherever there is static signage, there is potential to replace it with digital signage. Digital signage installations are becoming more and more evident in:

Corporate Environments – Often used in reception areas or atriums to communicate with visitors and customers, or employee areas for human resources and corporate communications can provide the right message to the right audience at the right time.   In manufacturing environments, performance metrics, current production requirements and education materials can be delivered to production areas for quality assurance purposes.

Public Venues – Auditoriums, hotels, transportation venues, outdoor billboards and sports stadiums are common venues for digital signage.   Providing customers with current schedules, way finding directions or real time information such as news, weather, sports and advertising can be informative to patrons and visitors.

Retail Environments – For timely advertising and impulse decision influencing at the point of purchase, digital signage provides a more compelling message. Many retailers and advertisers are seeing the advantages of in-store digital signage over traditional print and television buys. They are reaching their target audience and viewers are captive – they can’t change the channel. Retailers can dynamically change the content being displayed based on factors like inventory levels, margins, time of day, POS data etc.

Operations Centers and Call Centers – Mission critical statistics and data can be displayed in real time keeping personnel informed of your system status. Internal messaging can be included with the content allowing updates from multiple participants.

CCTV / Security – Surveillance isn’t just a DVR recording the comings and goings of patrons to a gas station or bank anymore, it’s a rapidly expanding software and enhanced video driven technology which is multi faceted and can accomplish much more than just recording traffic in and out of your establishment.  Sigma has highlighted some of the more popular features of this technology, however there is still so much more that it can do including:

  • Scene Change Detection
  • Privacy Masking
  • Spot Monitoring
  • Facial Recognition
  • Biometrics Integration
  • Access Control Integration
  • And so much more!

Before purchasing any surveillance equipment do your research and become an informed consumer. The surveillance equipment market is highly competitive with many products available from hundreds of vendors. The huge variety of CCTV security cameras and video surveillance recording systems can be a huge advantage for the consumer, but it can also present an overwhelming number of confusing choices! Become informed about CCTV video surveillance. If you have a question please contact us.

  • What type of surveillance camera should you choose?
  • What is the best type of camera for home security surveillance video?
  • Should I get a weatherproof security camera?
  • What are the basic components of a CCTV surveillance system?
  • What options are available for digital video recorders (DVR)?
  • Where do I get video surveillance installation?
  • Is a wireless video surveillance camera security system always the best option?
  • How do I set up a tiny wireless security camera as a nanny cam?
  • What are the capabilities of the different types of surveillance cameras and video recording systems?
  • What is a CCD chip?
  • How do I assess my surveillance requirements and design my system around them?
  • What is the focal length of a security camera and what difference does it make?
  • How can I get the best images on my security systems?
  • Are infrared night vision cameras always necessary?
  • How do I choose the best surveillance camera for my needs?
  • What is the lux rating of the camera and what does it mean?

Complete Security Camera Systems

  • 4 Camera Systems
  • 8 Camera Systems
  • 16 Camera Systems
  • 32 Camera Systems
  • 64 Camera Systems

Security Cameras

  • Dome Security Cameras
  • IR Bullet Cameras
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras
  • Color / Day/Night
  • Megapixel IP
  • Network IP Cameras

Video Surveillance Signal Solutions

  • Single Camera Balun
  • Camera Surge Protectors
  • Multi-Camera Transmission

Access Control

  • Multi Door Controllers
  • Single Door Controllers
  • Telephone Entry w/Control
  • Residential Telephone Entry
  • Transmitters
  • Accessories

IP Camera Systems

  • 1 Security Camera IP System
  • 2 Security Camera IP System
  • 4 Security Camera IP System
  • 8 Security Camera IP System
  • 12 Security Camera IP System
  • 16 Security Camera IP System
  • 32 Security Camera IP System
  • 64 Security Camera IP System

Access Control

  • Over Power line or Ethernet
  • Single Channel Encoder
  • 16 Channel High Performance
  • Quad View DVD Quality
  • Dual-Channel MPEG4
  • MPEG4 over IP
  • 8 Channel 4CIF Full D1
  • 8 Channel MPEG2 4CIF

Spares and accessories

SSS skilled engineers have been sourcing & supplying audio visual products for over 20 years and over the period we have built up a tremendous knowledge for selection of just right spares and accessories for specific application.


If you require a cable, connector, remote control, replacement whiteboard pens, etc please give us a call and we will probably be able to find it for you.


If you need a replacement projector lamp we believe we have the most comprehensive products of replacement lamps.

In terms of accessories, we again have a wide range of everything you could conceivably need to complement your audio-visual equipment. This range includes carrying cases, whiteboards, screens, stands and mounts, trolleys etc, etc.